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    Owner and Master Yacht Rigger, Joe Nozzolillo, is a USCG-licensed Master and ASA-Certified Cruising Instructor who has been providing professional rigging, sailing and marine maintenance services to the Boston Harbor sailing community for more than 10 years. While instructor and manager at the largest sailing school and membership club in New England, Joe directed the service program for a large daysailing and cruising sailboat fleet, amassing a wide range of rigging skills and an encyclopedic knowledge of marine systems, piloting and seamanship. Additionally, Joe possesses a professional background in environmental engineering, marine studies and computer science, offering unique perspective and technical abilities. Joe was first drawn to the Boston Harbor Islands during an undergraduate research project focusing on the glacial history of the region and has been messing about on boats in the area ever since.


    Recognizing the need for quality, professional rigging service on Boston Harbor, Joe founded JN Rigging in 2014 to better serve the local sailing community and to help preserve the timeless art of traditional yacht rigging.

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